Do you love flowers and stylish hand drawn lines? Then my collection of flowery tea towels, big and small trays and dishcloths are the perfect thing for you! Or as a gift to a loved person who love flowers and sweet things. People tend to not use my product and instead hang the tea towel on the wall, so I made prints on FSC certified paper to be hanged on the wall. So you can use your dishcloth what it is meant for ;) And guess what, when the dishcloth is worn out you can throw it in the compost bin. Isn't that amazing?

I also have some prints of illustrations and drawings I have made. Hand drawn lines and in some cases digitally coloured. Right now a lot of them is on sale!
Welcome to my world, I hope you will feel at home here <3

Hanne Aune Desing is founded by Hanne Aune, owner of Studio Aune, a Norwegian graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Sweden. 
This is just a beginning of a never ending line of ideas and products. Keep in touch on Instagram @hanneaunedesign or Facebook "Hanne Aune Design" #hanneaunedesign

I am always up for collaboration, so don't hesitate to contact me or if you have other questions or things you want to tell me.
Feel free to send me an email

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